Taking Action

Christa's Luck American Wild Horse Preservation blog post

I was really encouraged by this post from American Wild Horse Preservation about protecting our wild horses on public lands in Nevada. A BLM citizen’s advisory board, known as the Resource Advisory Board (RAC) is meeting in Nevada on May 14 and 15th, 2015. They control the fate of 33 wild horse Herd Management Areas in Northern Nevada. Any decisions they make will impact a lot of wild horses. That’s why I was glad the RAC is having a public meeting and are open to hearing some alternative ideas about how to stop the costly roundups and the unsustainable practice of holding mustangs in large corrals, feeding them on the taxpayers dime, and/ or sending them to slaughter.

American Wild Horse Preservation is asking for “humane reform of the BLM wild horse program and fairer treatment for Nevada’s remaining mustangs.” They are proposing their solutions in a short and very clear letter to the RAC, and submitting our signatures (you also have room to write your own letter)to the BLM advisory board. This is a chance for us to express our opinions in a respectful and organized way, and have a positive influence on behalf of our wild horses.

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