Leadership: What Happens When They All Come Together?

Leadership: What Happens When They All Come Together?

Bands (family units) of a herd come together when there is abundance of grass or water (think family reunion). The lead stallion and lead mare of the entire herd would be the highest ranking band stallion and mare. Even when they are all together, there is a hierarchy, although they have to prove themselves every day. At any time, a bachelor or lower ranking band stallion can challenge the lead stallion…and the fights can be brutal.

christa's luck leadership stallions herd bands Being a leader is challenging! It’s not all fighting though. Often the lead stallion tousles with the bachelors playfully and makes his rounds to the other bands. It helps to be charismatic, and it’s always good to have some fun whenever possible. After all, the lead stallion was once a bachelor.

A good stallion will be loving but firm with the foals. Sometimes the young ones are mischievous and daring and win the hearts of the leaders. Then they may get away with more. Sound familiar?!

In the novel, Christa’s Luck, thirteen year old Christa gets away with her fair share of mischief. Her parents understand her impulsive nature and do their best to keep her safe without stifling her spirit. But when Christa learns that the wild herd she most loves is in danger she does something that gets her in big trouble with her parents…

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