The Power of Family

christa's luck horse family wild  Wild horses live in family units known as bands. Stallions compete with other stallions to win mares. If they are strong and smart and charming and prove themselves as good leaders by keeping their bands safe from danger, then they win more mares. Mares have been known to escape from stallions who have ‘won’ them if they are not happy (or are bonded to another stallion), so it pays for each stallion to be charismatic and fair.

The best leaders are not dominant, but they are vigilant. They are always tuned into potential danger so they can move the herd out of harm’s way. The band stallions drive the mares and foals from behind by snaking their neck and nipping. Lead mares lead their bands (the stallions, mares, and foals follow them) and are in charge of finding water and food.

In the novel, Christa’s Luck, Christa learns how important family is to wild horses first-hand from a magnificent lead stallion and his band. She searched for the legendary stallion for years until one day, a miracle happened: “And then my breath caught in my throat. A red and white paint stallion broke from the cover of the dense brush along the water…”

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