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“More than once I was moved to tears while reading Christa’s Luck. Rarely has a young adult novel moved me emotionally.” ~ Evil Joy Speaks

“…this is a book that I believe many adults and most teens – especially those that love horses will truly enjoy. ” ~Broken Teepee

“I highly recommend this for a YA audience to read for pleasure as well as for the classroom to provoke thought and discussion both on responsibility on a day to day basis as well as on a more community and even global level.”  ~ Gspotsylvania

“I cried tears for her heartaches and accomplishments in this book. I would recommend this book for any young adult who loves to read, loving horses is a plus!”  ~ The Reading Cove

“Christa’s Luck is another book that is exciting to read, should be shared with children, younger siblings, and will be remembered for decades. The writing is excellent and captures the tone of a teenager perfectly.”  ~Laura’s Interests

ChristasLuck Books stacked“The amount of emotion that comes through the writing, the good and bad times, the dangers and celebrations, the friendships and bonds for life formed; all of it comes alive, right off the page.”  ~ Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

 “The story starts out at a gentle reading pace but picks up speed towards the climax as the suspense builds so that you won’t want to put the book down until you know what happens to the beautiful mustangs.”  ~ Shelf Full of Books

“This story shows how a young girl can have such conviction and courage in the face of doubt and uncertainty. It shows trust that is earned, not taken. It shows that determination and will power can give you strength. And it shows how love and family can help you reach your dreams.”  ~Snowdrop Dreams

“You found yourself laughing and smiling with Christa, crying when she cried; you could feel every emotion. It takes truly talented writers to get that sort of response from their audience.”  ~Reading Lark 


“The plot twists along the way will keep you intrigued in the story and builds to a fantastic climax! ….Christa’s Luck is a wonderful, heartfelt story that many will enjoy and can learn something from.”  ~Velvet Rider

“Christa’s Luck is a wonderful read for everyone, horse lovers and beyond. I would also suggest that this would make a great family read, as I think that there are some great opportunities for discussion between adults and younger readers. It’s important to remind kids of all ages that they have the power to make a difference, and that their voice deserves to be heard.”  ~ Lost In A Great Book