To be wild is to be alive, free, breathing fresh air, unrestrained, out of the box, NOT imprisoned. PASSIONATE! No wonder we feel such a draw to wild horses. Maybe our human souls remain wild no matter what happens to us- no matter how bored or discouraged or seemingly ordinary we appear, there is always a part of us that belongs to nature, to the earth…to the whole crazy cosmos! And maybe that’s the part of me that wild horses speak to- that streak of wild in my heart that is still very much alive…because it sure beats faster every time I see wild horses galloping together; manes and tails flying back in the wind and heads tossing.

Are you feeling the call of the wild?!!


adjective: wild
•    1. 
(of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.
•    synonyms:
•    untamed, undomesticated, feral; More fierce, ferocious, savage, untamable 
”wild animals”
•    uncultivated, native, indigenous “wild flowers”

•    2. 
uncontrolled or unrestrained,
•    synonyms:
•    uncontrolled, unrestrained, out of control, undisciplined, unruly, “wild behavior”

very enthusiastic or excited.”I’m wild about the music”
•    synonyms:
•    very excited, delirious, in a frenzy; Moretumultuous, passionate, vehement, unrestrained 
”wild with excitement”
•    enamored of, (very) enthusiastic about, (very) keen on, infatuated with, smitten with

wild christa's luck definition horses

Are you feeling the call of the wild?!!  Christa sure does. She wants to leave the world far behind and run with wild horses… especially when she sees the lead mare of the Lost Herd for the first time: “The black mare’s head shot up and for a second she looked right at me, right through me. Did she have x-ray vision? My bones tingled. Did the instinct run so strong in her blood that she could see the real me?”

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