I Love My Horse!

I Love My Horse!

Here’s what I love about Solo:

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My horse makes me laugh.

His eyes sparkle when he’s happy.

He gets mad at me and gives me the cold shoulder if I go too long between visits.

He is incredibly proud of himself.

He would rather prance than walk because he wants to look good at all times.

He loves to eat more than anything.

He will work for food.

He’s gorgeous. Always. No matter what age….breathtakingly beautiful.

He can be goofy, but has a very wise soul.

He can communicate with me in lots of ways, even long distance.

He has come to other people in dreams and psychic readings and shamanic journeys.

He appears often in my dreams.

He has a healing presence.

He’s magical.

I feel calmer and happier just hanging with him and doing absolutely nothing.

He was injured for many years and now he’s making a comeback at 21.

He never gives up on himself.

He never gives up on me.

He loves being the center of attention and always turns to face the camera.

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