Getting to Know Christa’s Fans

It has been a blast starting the Christa’s Luck Community on Facebook. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone through your pics and posts. Thank you for sharing your photos and giving us a glimpse of your lives and horses. Here is a blog (more like a poem) dedicated to you. Feel free to add a line if I missed anything!

christa's luck fans

The girls & young women on Facebook whose photos are on Christa’s Luck:
They love their horse or horses
They rather go mudding than to prom
They like Wrangler Jeans
They drive pickup trucks and muscle cars
They like Camo caps
They love children
They have children
They are more in love with their horse than with boys/men if not married
They have a BFF and are inseparable.
They have a sense of their place in the world and confident
They like “country” and to be referred to as that
They love God and Jesus
They shoot rifles
They can dress up and look feminine just give them 10 mins to clean up
They love their boyfriends and husbands but don’t ever try to tame them
They know they can be a pain to parents, guys, teachers etc but figure that’s tough luck
They love sports
They love cheerleading
They love barrel racing
Rodeos and country music
They hope their knight in shining armor drives a pickup with a trailer hitch
They can be feminine no matter what!
They are in school
They work
They are mothers and daughters
If they don’t have a horse now they had one in the past that they still miss; or they hope to have one in the future
They love babies (human and foals)
They don’t need to be taken care of
They know how to live and don’t want to be told how
They are charming and beautiful and love to laugh
They love the barn more than their bedroom
They care about wild horses
They are a lot like Christa in the book Christa’s Luck

~ Michael Grais

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