Christa, Inspiration & Being Brave

Why I love Christa….

Well she does remind me of my wife and co- author Jennifer Grais…. because she is passionate about what she does, and like myself she really wants to educate a young audience about what is happening to our wild horse population and why, in an entertaining and compelling way.

Christa's Luck Being Brave horse running beach

Christa’s Luck is not just a great adventure tale and a love story about horses and family but also our way of helping the wild horses that are being rounded up! Christa wants to and does take action against almost insurmountable odds. People might ask how I (a man of some age) could write a 13-14 year old horse crazy girl….well besides being married to a horse crazy girl (Jennifer) — who was also a horse crazy teenager… writing Carol Anne and Robbie’s role in the 1982 film Poltergeist I discovered I have a teenager inside me dying to get out!

I have witnessed, in the many years since Jennifer and I got Solo, how much he means to her; How incredible she is with him and how incredible he is with her. I also experience how hard it is to maintain a horse who we have taken with us from California to Mexico, New Mexico and back to California over the years. It’s a rough trip for Solo and our hearts went out to him each time — but he always fought to come back to himself after being in that trailer in the heat and dust. He is an inspiration as anyone who loves horses knows.

What makes someone obsessed with saving someone or something else? Why is it that certain people act upon their passion and go up against the establishment (in Christa’s case the BLM who are rounding up wild horses at an alarming rate) — while others are afraid to do that. Or worse – don’t care. It’s scary going up against powerful forces who are doing something destructive….are you someone, like Christa, who would put it all on the line to save what you love? Being brave is not being fearless….as Christa discovers it’s about doing something brave even when you are scared.

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