Bachelor Stallions

Bachelor Stallions- An incredible Wild Horse Documentary and who knows- the next reality TV show?

christas luck bachelor stallionsWe have more in common with wild horses than you might think. Wild horse societies have bachelors too. The bachelors are too young to start a band of their own, and too old to stay in their original band, so they form their own band of bachelors and run together. Playful, wild, and handsome, they often challenge the more mature stallions to test their strength…until one day they are strong enough to win a mare of their own. Then they become responsible band stallions, but they still may take time out to play with the new bachelors coming up. In Ginger Kathren’s documentary on Cloud, the wild stallion of the Rockies, she shows how Cloud grows from bachelor to band stallion. The footage is amazing!

Like Ginger Kathrens, Christa tracks a wild band of horses and watches them from a lookout point over Gold Canyon. She can’t believe her luck the day she sees a band of bachelor stallions challenge Mesteño, the lead stallion of the Lost Herd…

A group of young stallions loped out of a ravine, led by a horse as red as my hair. The red horse pawed the ground and screamed a challenge. Every young stallion wanted to win a mare for himself. It would be like Cisco showing up at my school with a couple of his friends, trying to steal Cheryl the Cheerleader away from Jeremy the Jock. The red bachelor didn’t stand a chance, unless Cisco knew martial arts or something. You just never knew.
Mesteño snaked his mares away from the stallions and turned to face them, pawing the ground.

Find out who wins the fight!

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